I agree with you. I assume you already read the article by Medium and Ev Williams regarding the changes. But to my understanding they’re trying to make medium all about readership and relational to readers. Hence no more curation but they claim they’ll ‘find’ stories and the topic will stay in the background. My concern as an emerging writer, how do I get my articles found and read if I don’t have 1K followers like some established writers? I’m here on medium because curation gives me motivation to produce high quality stories and opportunity of promotion and distribution and it means to get more followers and build the readership from there. While publications like illumination nourishes writers and opportunity of exposure within their network of readership.

The changes are unfair to emerging writers and put favouritism on the established writers and medium writers who obviously sit comfortably due to their professions on medium. Readership and ‘relational’ won’t be their concerns. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong because I’d like to think so.

Sydneysider & storyteller. Raised a traveller and grown-up spiritual. I story-tell travel, mindfulness, spirituality & anything in between. talesoftraveler.com

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