Flying Nowhere Or Dining In A Grounded Aircraft?

Photo by Fallon Michael on Unsplash

The two grounded A380 Singapore Airlines turned into pop-up restaurants for two days, and surprisingly it turned out to be a good idea because it’s quite popular. Only in 30 minutes of booking, people bought the tickets to enjoy the small meal on a fold-down airline table.

But I am not surprised because I quite like the airline meal. I remembered my trip to Japan with ANA (All Nippon Airways) last year. The tray with tiny bit pieces of Japanese meal handed out by a flight attendant turned out to be a nostalgic moment. Don’t mind the squeezy part during the flight anymore. Turning planes into restaurants might be the last bit for airline companies to save them from the revenue plunge. There’s no environmental concern because the aircraft is not going anywhere.

But in Australia, the Qantas flight tickets to nowhere sold only in minutes. Qantas flight QF787 departed from Sydney on Saturday 10 October flying around Australians cities, then Byron Bay and the Gold Coast to the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru before landing back in Sydney.

While Singapore Airlines cancelled its plan to sell a similar ‘scenic’ flight due to the environmental concern, Qantas took off anyway.

The flight under the benchmark ‘Scenic Great Southern Land’ flight, flew over spectacular landmarks such as an up-close and personal picturesque of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Don’t expect in-flight entertainment. But who needs it anyway if the spectacular views from the large windows of 787 and the 4,000 ft altitude will guarantee you the live entertainment of Australian landmarks?

As for the environmental impacts caused by the unnecessary flight, see you later sustainability!

A newly converted Novocastrian & a storyteller. I story-tell travel, minimalism, mindfulness & anything in between.

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