But even a fallen soldier will be ceremonially remembered.

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No, it is not happening to the two LGBTQI friends of mine. They just passed away in two separate parts of the world. In fact, no one knew the end of their existence. Their deaths are heard through the wind of rumours. The wind is blowing through Facebook posts, status and messenger.

No one came forward, made a call, gave a visit. Their friends never checked them out if they were okay. They only assumed that you were fine by regular likes, and occasional one-liner responds on Facebook. While behind the walls of their house, they were battling terminal illness…

Understanding Life That Helped Me Out Of The Grief

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If man be solely a body, its loss indeed the final period to identity — Paramahansa Yogananda.

On my first visit to Bali, probably it was eight or nine years ago, I met a man, he was young, probably twenty-three years old. He was a popular, outgoing boy, juggling between work and Uni, independent with an adventurous spirit. I was, no more than a heartbroken tourist — a lost tourist who didn’t want to be found.

His name was Lee Julianto. Lee took me under his wings.

Broken heart healed, I came back to Bali more often ever since, and…

But to be one with the universe is the real privilege of humankind.

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I got a message from my friend Phil a few months ago. He said he was in Sydney, and wondered if I wanted to catch up with him in town. I haven’t heard from Phil since undergone major surgeries. It’s going to be a long road to recovery, but also it’s comforting to find out finally he got it done.

So I caught a train to Circular Quay station and walked out from the station toward the Museum Of Contemporary Art (MCA). Standing in front of the MCA, I could barely recognise him. He had lost weight so much.


Remembering Bali: getting lost, a writers festival & salsa

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I stumbled upon an old photo taken me back in October 2014. It was the time when I traveled to Ubud and stayed there for a month. Since then, I have always been looking forward to coming back to this tiny village in Central Bali for many good reasons. But why do I, and also for many other travelers, keep coming back to this little village?

When the car ran through windy, narrow roads, lush green terraces of paddy fields with cool tropical breezes, it was warm welcoming. I found myself fall in love with Ubud at first sight.

Lost In Ubud


The Four Curated Stories By Medium Among Many Others

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On October 7, 2019, I published a travel story to Japan that it went through the Medium curation. Though I didn’t expect and even didn’t want it to gain large numbers of viewers, it just keeps getting viewers — even until now. Pandemic mess everything in our lives, then suddenly the story became irrelevant, and from there it gets fewer viewers. In case you wonder what the article is, here it is:

The more comments I got, the more I didn’t know how and what to answer to them. Though I did appreciate their times reading and writing their concerns…

This Story is My Bio & Introduction

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Today I just watched the day roll on. I didn’t write. I didn’t know what to do. I felt the emptiness inside me. My brain is like a hollow that I see nothing, but I watch any words and ideas are just flying away into thin air.

I wish I could write a thousand words a day, but here I am, contemplating a blank screen on my laptop. Switching from one web to another, reading, checking out Amazon prime day. What did I want to buy from there?

I always wanted to give something to Dad for Xmas. A gadget…

It’s Your Choice

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The two grounded A380 Singapore Airlines turned into pop-up restaurants for two days, and surprisingly it turned out to be a good idea because it’s quite popular. Only in 30 minutes of booking, people bought the tickets to enjoy the small meal on a fold-down airline table.

But I am not surprised because I quite like the airline meal. I remembered my trip to Japan with ANA (All Nippon Airways) last year. The tray with tiny bit pieces of Japanese meal handed out by a flight attendant turned out to be a nostalgic moment. Don’t mind the squeezy part during…

When You Discuss The Existence of Human Race

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Racism has always been hot, saucy sensitive topics and debates of the twenty-first century. An issue such as racism is one of ‘human interests’ subjects’. It has been ongoing studies and research in many universities. But lately, the tensions are inevitably the boiling water in many heads.

When a writer discusses racism, dragging readers into opinion isn’t wrong as long as research, studies, investigation support the argument and of course, acknowledge the resources.

When the opinion is merely from ‘what I think’ without any references, then it is a baseless argument. A baseless argument is like building a house with…

Has Social Media Platform Become Problematic For Medium?

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Do you remember when you first found out the ‘follow me’ on social media — was it on twitter?

You frowned upon the word ‘follow’ that, for you, it always means ‘to go or come after’ when someone or something moving ahead. There is nothing personal about it, but rather a centralised direction to travel behind a leader.

I cringed and thought how weird that was that a stranger asked you to follow him/her. But it got even strange that in reality, I just said ‘follow me’ to build a new friendship. …

When Curation Is Done And Dusted

Disclaimer: To enhance Your best reading experience, play ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ by Thelma Houston.

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We’re processing your story. Hang in tight.

There’s no more anticipation for our stories to be curated. Done and dusted! But, Medium, don’t leave me this way. Because

I can’t survive, I can’t stay alive, without your Curation.

The wind of change has come, and Medium is all about readership and relational — , so it claimed. What was it all about? While this message isn’t new and in fact, it all sounds too familiar. Like the other previous pioneers of social media always…

Doody Richards

Sydneysider & storyteller. Raised a traveller and grown-up spiritual. I story-tell travel, mindfulness, spirituality & anything in between.

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