6 Things I’ve Got All Wrong About Minimalism

I laughed at minimalists as laziness, but now I’m one of them.

Doody Richards
6 min readMay 28, 2021


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Minimalism is underrated. What is it all about young minimalists — primarily straight white males? Have they become minimalists because their career success is too much to bear? Are they young graduates who only start their career? So they’re minimalists set by default? Are they lazy people?

I laughed at the minimalist lifestyle. Living less was a kind of joke to me. It was my dismissal before I embraced a minimalist lifestyle. Now I am one of the minimalists.

There are many misconceptions surrounding minimalism. These are at least what I’ve thought of minimalism before I became a minimalist.

These are the six things that have proven me wrong:

1. Minimalism is for straight white males.

This is absolutely untrue. Most minimalists are predominantly young, straight white males if you look around the online presence of minimalists. But the thing is, you don’t need to see minimalism as successive white male dominance. Isn’t the internet world itself predominantly white?

Look at specific personas in social media, such as youtube and Instagram. A youtube minimalist such as Matt Da’vella, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are among all the white-male-persona stereotypes.

One became a minimalist from a Uni graduate who paid off his Uni loan by living less. The latter became minimalists because their career success is too much to bear. They fit into the minimalist stereotypes. Their dominance in the Western minimalist world might be overwhelming.

But if you look further beyond the social media and bloggers’/authors’ personas, many other minimalists don’t quite fit into these stereotypes. In fact, their personas are unique. They have a different approach to minimalism.

So let’s look back at where it’s from. Minimalism is the concept that originated in Japan. Hence, we’ve got Japanese minimalist experts such as Marie Kondo, Hideko Yamashita, and my favourite author in minimalism, Fumio Sasaki.



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